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Do you want to avoid sugar because you have to, or just because it fits into your lifestyle? With this temperature resistant table sweetener you can make even cold or hot preparations. In hot drinks, on your fruit, in yoghurt or cereals, in homemade pastry... This is all possible with Tagatesse!

Tagatesse keeps its delicious and sweet taste and is very easy in use. Low in calories. Dosage: Replace 100g of sugar by max. 50g of Tagatesse in all your recipes. Add more Tagatesse, depending on your taste. 1 tea spoon of Tagatesse has the sweetening power of 2 tea spoons of sugar. Low in calories and carbs. Due to the very low glycemic index of Tagatose (

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Ingredients: D-tagatose (derived from MILK) (39,9%), sweetener (isomalt (39,9%)), food fibres (inulin and oligosacharides), sweetener (sucralose (0,02%)). Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. *less than 0,1g/100g lactose

Allergens: This product contains no allergens.

Use: For oven prepartations, let your pastry bake a little longer at a slightly lower temperature (max 160°C). For more information, advice and recipes: visit www.damhert.com

Conservation: After using Tagatesse, close the box well to prevent the powder from becoming hard due to contact with moisture.

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