Mould for cannelés polished aluminium Ø 45 mm

Moule à cannelés

Moule à cannelés



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Create your cannelé pastries with these fluted Bordeaux moulds made of aluminium and enjoy making delicious sweet or savoury creations.

- Medium size: Ø 45 mm
- Weight of batter per mold: 45/50 g
- Aluminum is a material having good thermal characteristics, thus positioning itself as an economical alternative to copper molds. A far prefer to silicone molds!
- Weight of a mold: 14 g.
- Made in France (a few kilometers from Bordeaux!)
- For better results, use the special greasing agent Slider.
- Also available in Ø 35 and 55 mm.

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Mould for cannelés polished aluminium Ø 45 mm - Average rating: 10 - Best rating: 10 - Number of reviews: 1

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Before first use (process of "culottage", only once):
- Wash the molds with soapy water, rinse and dry with a clean towel. Do not use the dishwasher!
- Apply a thin layer of Slider in the molds using a pencil.
- Put in the oven (446/482°F) for 20 minutes.
- Let it cool down outside the oven before wiping them with a kitchen paper.
- The molds are ready to use.

Use and maintenance:
- Apply a thin layer of Slider using a pencil before pouring them with your cannelé preparation.
- Bake in the oven.
- Remove from the mold immediately to keep a crispy crust.
- Tidy your molds without cleaning them! Do not clean the cannelés molds for better results.
- If some dough remains, soak them in hot water.


Sylvia T. le 06/12/2017 Fast shipping, better price than amazon, and a quality product. Thank you!


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