Matfer Service+

Matfer service +, distribution partner LaboetGato : baking tools and utensils

Distributor of 8.000 Matfer products 

Industrial group 100% French, Matfer Bourgeat has become in 200 years the reference in equipment for professional kitchens and laboratories. Combining tradition and innovation, this family group now holds the world leadership in its sector. 

As a distributor, Labo&Gato proposes the Matfer catalogs (equipment for cooking and baking) and Flo (single use) for purchase on its website. There are nearly 8.000 products. 

This service, called Service+ is an order preparation outsourcing service. Specifically, when you want to buy a product by Matfer Service+, you order from Labo&Gato. The order is then transmitted to Matfer which prepares and sends to the delivery address (mainland France). 

For deliveries outside mainland France, the order first passes through Labo&Gato. 

All products shipped through the Service+ are indicated on the product file at the time of your order. 

If an order consists of both Service+ products with Labo&Gato products (in stock or on order), it is shipped in two packages: 1 package prepared and shipped by Matfer containing Service+ products 1 and 1 package prepared and shipped by Labo&Gato containing Labo&Gato products. 

For orders received before 10 working days, starting the day of warehouse Matfer. For orders received after 10 working days, starting on D+1 of warehouse Matfer. 

Service+ products delivery is provided by DPD 24/48h. The delivery address is the one you provided when placing your order or shop selected Labo & Gato as part of a command with withdrawal in stores. 

Cost: 6,00 € TTC below 60 € TTC purchase of goods Service+, fees offered beyond.