Below is a set of high quality equipment for all uses with formats suitable for individuals and professionals.


  • Cake frames, circles and moulds

    Find our famous copper cannelés molds and various molds and pastry circles. Selected and approved references by professionals for optimum quality.

  • Pastry and cooking equipment and accessories

    A wide range of equipment for any kind of sweet recipes. Quality and exclusivity guaranteed!

  • Chocolate making

    Create beautiful shiny and smooth chocolates and chocolate decorations with our tools for the work of chocolate: tempering machines, thermometers, rhodoïd leaves, guitar paper, transfer sheets for printed chocolates, …

  • Bakery equipment

    A selection of quality items to make your croissants, buns, puff pastry and bread at home!

  • Cooking

    This category offers a wide range of cooking equipment. Stainless steel saucepans, hob, oven dish, …

  • Knives

    Paring knife, bread knife or chef's knife, it is here that you will find your happiness. High quality products to suit each use!

  • Preparation

    All kitchen and pastry equipment are here. Mixer, whip, roll, spatula, funnel, …

  • Storage
  • Presentation and service

    Careful presentation often makes the difference! Here are all the products for the presentation and the services of your finest cakes.

  • Spare parts

    An exclusive range of Matfer spare parts for your machines, food processors or utensils.