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Fruit couverture chocolate, Yuzu Inspiration by Valrhona.
Speciality made with yuzu powder and cocoa butter.
Notes of citrus zest attack, followed by fresh fruit majesty. Yuzu Inspiration reveals the aromatic richness of a blend of grapefruit, mandarin and lime.

Valrhona is opening up a new creative universe to artisans through groundbreaking Fruit Couvertures. With this new range, Valrhona brings together the natural colors and intense flavors of fruit and nuts with the unique texture of chocolate.

Yuzu Inspiration is the last ever creation from Inspiration, an all-new range of fruit and nut couverture chocolates.

It has been made to enhance the ways we can use nuts in chocolate, pastries and ice cream and is aimed at professionals looking for the extra special je ne sais quoi that will make them stand out. Yuzu Inspiration combines the intense, gourmet flavor of this citrus with the unique texture of chocolate.

Treasure of subtlety in the family of citrus fruits, yuzu is one of the classics of Asian gastronomy. Even if this little yellow-gold fruit is now in the menu of the greatest tables and the most beautiful pastries, it keeps a delicious exotic scent. The Yuzu Inspiration fruit cover from Valrhona enhances the tangy and fresh taste in all its intensity and allows you to pick up the other flavors associated with it, with a particular affinity for dark chocolate, coconut and herbs.

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Yuzu Inspiration fruit couverture beans 500 g - Average rating: 10 - Best rating: 10 - Number of reviews: 1

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- Ganache chocolate: yes
- Coating: optimal
- Molding: optimal
- Ganache patisserie: yes
- Mousse: optimal
- Sauce: yes
- Ice cream and sorbets: optimal
- Chocolat drink: possible
- Decoration: yes
- Glaze: yes
- Cream: yes

Tempering gragh: Melting T1 (45/48°C or 113/118°F) -> Crystallisation T2 (26/27°C or 79/81°F) -> Working T3 (30/31°C or 86/88°F)

Tempering technique (by l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat):
1 - Melt the couverture for 12 hours in order to ensure that the cocoa butter is properly melted.
2 - Check that the temperature is T1.
3 - Temper the required amount of couverture, making sure that you always have some warm couverture in reserve.
4 - Stir regularly and check that it is at setting temperature T2.
5 - Stop cooling the mass and immediately raise the temperature to T3 by:
- adding warm couverture at T1
- warming it in a bain-marie
- warming it in a microwave oven (400/500 W max, so as not to burn it)
6 - Check that the couverture is at working temperature T3 and stir regularly to ensure that the temperature, and thus setting, is evenly distributed.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter 34.4%, maltodextrins, yuzu juice 2.4%, emulsifier (soya lecithin).
May contains traces of nuts, milk proteins and gluten.

Composition: sugar 55.0% - fat 38.0%

Storage: To best preserve the qualities of Valrhona chocolate, store in a dry, dark place at 10-16°C


Regine B. le 18/02/2021 C'est la première fois que je l'achète, je ne l'ai pas encore gouté ni testé

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