Relief mat small greek frieze 600 x 400 mm





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Relief mat small greek frieze.

Silicone ( W : 30 mm) baking mat that can be used for:
- baking relief biscuit for jacketing entremets and small cakes,
- pouring towards the dessert frame,
- making pastille-based decoration.

Food silicone.
Can be used in deep freezer and oven.

1. Prepare a cigarette batter. Place the mat on a perforated sheet 600 x 400 mm (code 310612). Spread the cigarette batter coloured as per your taste to the brim of the relief pattern. Smoothen well to the height of the motives. Cool.
2. Cover the decorating batter with around 500 g of the mixture of biscuit, joconde, Genoese, dacquoise or other. Bake in oven at 220°C for 10 to 12 minutes.
3. Turn out either hot or cold.
4. Cut the strips in the embossed biscuit.
5. Line the circles with the bands.

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Length: 570 mm
Width: 365 mm

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