Vanilla beans Tahiti (1 pc)

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Vanilla beans Tahiti.
Considered as the world's best vanilla, Tahitian vanilla is undeniably the Queen of vanillas. The beans are large, twice the Bourbon vanilla, plump and matt. This vanilla with rich flavours releases an increadible perfume of gingerbread with notes of anise, caramel, liquorice, and vanilla fruits.

Tahitian vanilla will be perfect in all your sweet preparations ( creams, ice creams, fruit desserts, biscuits and cakes, chocolate, infusions, ...) or savoury dishes (white meat, fish).

Repackaging by Labo&Gato.

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Directions for use : Slowly cut into the bean holding the top of the bean down onto the cutting board with your left pointer finger and thumb. Slightly pull apart the bean and scrap the vanilla caviar as you run the knife down the bean.
To flavour your milk or cream preparations, infuse your seeds (and pod) about 10 minutes in your hot but not boiling liquid. Keep your scraped pod to put into your sugar jar, or to flavour rum and other drinks, or mix it to make vanilla powder. You can also use it as a decoration for your entremets.

Storage :
In a metal or glass box, in a dry and dark place. If you've got many beans, tie them together with a thread to keep their moisture and softness. In order to reduce the process of desiccation, roll your vanilla beans into paraffin paper or baking paper before puting them into the box. You can also freeze them by using a plastic box.


Vanille en gousses de Thaiti
Rose Mary C. le 11/12/2021 Déjà utilisée très parfumée
Belle gousses
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