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Carrageenan (kappa) E407 100 g





Carrageenan (kappa) E407.
Eight times more powerful than gelatin, carrageenan is a vegetarian and vegan alternative to gelatin in some applications. It is widely used in the food industry for its gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. The gel obtained with Kappa carrageenan present several advantages :

- gels are elastic, glossy and transparent.
- gels resist high temperatures up to 149°F, so you can prepare warm jellies, creams and mousses!
- the gel is obtained almost instantly, so you can make original nappages and coatings.
- the gels are thermo-reversible, they can be melted at a temperature higher than 158°F.

Applications : Kappa carrageenan can replace aimal gelatin in many recipes such as jellies, terrines, mousses, chantilly, pannacotta, creams, bavarois, ...etc. As a substitute for eggs, you can make custards and creams. For light preparations, you can mix your jellies of carrageenan to get creams with less fat or sugar.

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Ingredients: E407.

Direction of use: 4 g/L of preparation. Disperse the carrageenan in your liquid, and mix it to avoid lumps. Boil it for 2-3 min while stiring. Let it cool down in a fridge or at room temperature. The gel is obtained at 40-50°C.

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